Future Primitive

October 12th, 2012

Between Shadow and Light

an interview with Richard Power

Richard Power is an internationally recognized author and journalist, and a trusted adviser to the executive leadership of government, industry, academia and the humanitarian community. Power has delivered executive briefings, and led professional training, in over forty countries.  He champions a bold approach to the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century, based on the principle that security, sustainability and spirituality are interdependent issues. He has also published eight books. His latest book is “Humanifesto: A Guide to Primal Reality In An Era of Global Peril”.



Richard speaks with Joanna about the paradox of spiritual initiation; the Heart space; the psychological roots of the world crisis; the intimacy of the sacred; spiritual activism; restoring the balance of polarities; the rising the Divine Feminine; being the change…


Original music by Evarusnik


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