Future Primitive

October 7th, 2016

She Sings to the Stars

an interview with Jennifer Corcoran

jennifer_corcoranIn this week’s episode Jennifer Corcoran speaks with Joanna about: a film born of a visionary dream; a two-year journey of deep listening; remembering in Hopi land; following the story in the dreamtime; the mysterious Feminine, in relationship with all life; the alchemy of wonder; a cycle of women stories; journeying through the threshold into another world; the essential role of the land; the pace of the desert; offering our prayers for the protection of water and the Earth.


With a BA and MFA in Directing for Theatre, Jennifer Corcoran has worked on stage and documentaries, made super-8 shorts and as a literary editor. She home educated her three children. Having lived in several countries, in different languages, Jennifer has come to believe that the power of our human imagination is what is required to initiate change. Six years ago, she was prompted by a vision to create a cycle of films about women – but specifically, about the feminine – a voice which has long been silent. It is the feminine within each of us, male or female, which connects us to all that is living. A balance longs to be re-created. “She Sings to the Stars” is the first film of that cycle. Together with her brother, “She Sings to the Stars” producer, Jonnie Corcoranan entrepreneur who is an ardent cinephile and has launched successful startups – she is currently developing the second film of the cycle set in contemporary Ireland with a working title, “Now and Also Now”.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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