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June 5th, 2015

Horses: The Human Whisperers

an interview with Florian Birkmayer and Win Simon

Florian_BirkmayerWin_SimonIn this week’s episode, Florian Birkmayer and Win Simon speak with Joanna about equine assisted, therapy and learning programs: inter-species healing; the correlation trauma-addiction; horses, the human whisperers; the journey of healing; the gift of the unexpected, the calm and caring leadership; a presence-based therapy; a silent dance of participation; exploring new possibilities in equine therapy.


Florian Birkmayer, M.D. founded The Birkmayer Institute in 2009 to offer holistic person-centered psychiatry and seminars on a wide range of holistic topics to facilitate self-transformation. This approach has been inspired by C. G. Jung’s notion if individuation. His passions are Aromatherapy and Equine-Assisted Therapy. He received his B. A. from Princeton University and his M. D. from College of Physcians and Surgeons of Columbia University. He views himself s a bridge-builder between different medical worlds and works closely and respectfully with a wide range of healers.

Win H. Simon is the Executive Director of Southwest HorsePower, New Mexico non-profit organization, and the owner of WT Equestrian: Natural Horsemanship style horse training facility. She rescued horses and rehabilitated them both physically and emotionally. In the process she estudied Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAGALA) training methods for Equine Assisted Therapy. Win is the coordinator of various Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning programs in the Albuquerque area.

Equine Therapy: The Healing Influence of Horses


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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