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January 10th, 2014

The Light-giving Language/El Lenguaje Que Da Luz

an interview with Américo Yábar

Américo Yábar is a poet, writer, founder of the poetic movement Salk’a (free energy, non-domesticated) that connects all the beings of the Pachamama and the infinite spaces of the cosmos.
For many years, Américo has been doing mountain therapies , dedicated to the research and dissemination of contemporary and old ways. He was born and lives in the Andes mountains. In those illuminated, high immensities, with a clear identification with the Pachamama in a mystical and spiritual contact with communities and the salt of stars.
Salk’a Energy is his energetic spiritual dimension. Born in the Andes of Peru, Cusco, Paucartambo village, geographical constituency inhabited by the Qeros, paqos of the old tradition, according to scholars, the “Last descendants of the Incas”. Don Américo has walked and shared the Salk’a path with his son Gayle for much time.
Américo Yábar, poeta, escritor; fundador del movimiento poético Salk’a (energía libre, no domesticada) que conecta todos los seres de la Pachamama y los espacios infinitos del cosmos.
Américo hace muchos años realiza terapias de montaña; dedicado a la investigación y  difusión de las formas contemporáneas y ancianas. Es nacido y residente en las montañas de los Andes. En esas altas inmensidades iluminadas; con una clara identificación con la Pachamama en un contacto místico y espiritual con las comunidades y la misma sal de las estrellas.
Energía Salk’a es su dimensión energética espiritual; nacido en los Andes de Perú, Cusco, pueblo de Paucartambo, circunscripción geográfica donde habitan nativamente los Qeros, paqos de tradición antigua al decir de los estudiosos “ultimos descendientes de los incas”. Don Américo ha caminado y compartido el camino Salk’a con su hijo gayle por mucho tiempo.

Américo speaks with Joanna about Andean mysticism: his experiences with Q’ero Elder Don Benito Qorihuaman; munay, the heart dimension; transforming the heavy energy; the purifying energy of the mountains; the salt of the stars; a healing practice with stones; intention and intent; Salk’a, undomesticated, free energy; activating the connection with Gaia and the cosmos.

Photo and co-translation: Pia Ossorio

For more information about Salk’a:
Pia Ossorio: piaossorio @ gmail.com
salkarubi @ hotmail.com
Arilu Yábar: arilu @ amauta.rcp.net.pe


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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