Future Primitive

September 13th, 2013

Tracking the Living Stories

an interview with Tamarack Song

Tamarack Song was born and raised in east central Wisconsin, and spent his youth learning from the woods, fields, and swamps outside of the “civilized” boundaries of his hometown. Studying wildlife conservation, community design, world cultures, and nonprofit law at various Wisconsin universities, he is the founder of the Teaching Drum Outdoor School. Located in Three Lakes, WI, this school is aimed at bridging the path to the wisdom and lifeway skills of our Native ancestors, and has been featured in National Geographic and on such programs as MTV’s Real Life: I’m Living Off The Grid and CBC New’s Sunday – Real Survivor. Tamarack is the author of “Journey to the Ancestral Self”, “Whispers of the Ancients”, “Song of Trusting the Heart”, and numerous articles on Native cultures, skills, perspectives, and traditions. His newest book is called “Entering the Mind of the Tracker”.
Tamarack speaks with Joanna: we are nature; embracing the wild spirit; the intuitive intelligence; natural morality; the cycle of life and death; a life-changing moment; looking behind the mask; tracking the living stories; “like an old mountain”; maintaining the connection to water.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik


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