Future Primitive

March 9th, 2012

Consciousness All the Way Down

an interview with Christian de Quincey

Christian de Quincey PhD is Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University; Dean of Consciousness Studies at the University of Philosophical Research; adjunct faculty with Wisdom University. He is also founder of The Wisdom Academy, offering private mentorships in consciousness. Dr. de Quincey is author of the award-winning book Radical Nature: The Soul of Matter and Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship. His latest book is Consciousness from Zombies to Angels and Deep Spirit: Cracking the Noetic Code.


Christian speaks with Joanna about panpsychysm:”consciousness all the way down;” honoring and integrating the 4 ways of knowing; western ways versus indigenous ways; “feeling your thinking;” retrieving rites of passage, personal mastery and community…

Music: “Bantu lullaby” (from Dibiye) by Francis Bebey

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