Future Primitive

February 23rd, 2009

Iboga Healing and Initiation

an interview with Moughenda Mikala

Moughenda Mikala is a tenth generation nganga of the Missoko Bwiti sect from southern Gabon. At the Awakening in the Dream house in Mexico, Moughenda offers Bwiti iboga root healing and initiation. Bwiti, originating among the forest Pygmies, is a traditional African spiritual practice whose essence is ancestor worship and direct connection to God. The initiations relate to the five aspects of Missoko Bwiti: Ngonde (bwiti of visions and diagnostics), Mioba (bwiti of healing with plants and herbs), Bosuka (bwiti of knowledge of creation), Mabundi (bwiti of women), and Senguedia (bwiti of protection).

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